Family Values. Attention to Detail



The Donnachiara winery is located in Montefalcione (Avellino), with vineyards that stretch along the hills. Typical of Irpinia, the estate produces white wines and red wines of high quality including Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino, and Taurasi DOCG but also sparkling wine they Santè Falanghina.

Chiara was born in “Irpinia” region and she was raised on an Aglianico vineyard, family-owned since ‘800. She grew to love these charming lands. This passion was passed on across the family, woman to woman for 5 generations, now to Ilaria Petitto, Chiara’s daughter, who is responsible today for keeping alive this family tradition. From this female focused tradition springs new winery, a small but precious jewel. Located in this spectacular land with a tradition of wine making that stretches back over a thousand years, Donnachiara’s winery is equipped with the most advanced control instruments for both the production and the storage of the great Irpinian wines. The quality of the wine produced is in the heart of our company’s philosophy which is in part achieved in our ownership of the vineyards, the careful and passionate attention to which yield the most bountiful grapes and precious wines.