The best of Puglia



From the very beginning, Gianfranco Fino’s focus has been about quality: no compromises, no short-cuts, and obsessive attention to his vineyards. This attention to detail runs deeply, and Gianfranco works tirelessly to improve his vineyards, his estate, and his wines. He and his wife Simona share a deep and abiding passion for winemaking, which has led them on a fulfilling, lifelong journey—a journey which shows in every bottle of their high-quality wines. The wines consistently receive 90+ ratings from highly-regarded professionals and critics alike.

Gianfranco Fino’s goal was to find a vineyard with the perfect combination of characteristics: vine maturity, bush cultivation in red soil, good planting density, controlled vigor, and proper clonal selection. The estate covers 37 acres, including a little plot of 40-year old Negroamaro vines near the sea.

Gianfranco Fino allows his grapes to parochially dry on the vines before collecting them to make his wine. This concentration of the sugar and flavour inside the grapes results in a more flavourful wine. He hand-harvests all the grapes, taking special care to make sure that each bunch is free of mould and perfectly ripe. In the winery, he believes in using a healthy balance of new and inert oak to give the wines a hint of barrel ageing without covering up any of his terroir’s expression.