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CVP Parma

Since 1946, the Enopoly of Parma is a guarantee brand for the genuineness of wine and the quality of the production process. Demonstrating that tradition, quality and genuineness have always “poured” on each bottle produced. It was up to 1946 the establishment of the Voluntary Consortium for Viticulture, always Enopolio di Parma. CVP has always privileged the marketing of its wines through the traditional channel and the “pass word”.

Ancient Parmigiana Cellar, now CVP, collects and produces the best grapes in the province. Today there are about 200 members of both the plain and the hill, who give their grapes.

In a recent past the winegrowers were over 350. The vinified grape is currently about 6,000 quintals. The most popular varieties are Lambrusco, Malvasia, Fortana, Trebbiano, Barbera and Bonarda.

Here they have found the classic wines of Parmigiano wine growing, but Enopoly is also known for marketing the best wines produced in other regions. Approximately 100 grape-producing members and nearly as many associates are responsible for Enopoly, with a total of about 200 conferences. Their strength is surely the will and capableness of their giving members of grapes that over the years have been able to believe in this group.

Wine is culture, history, man has for centuries fought and brushed with this nectar, so much blossomed since ancient times. The sweat of work in the vineyard has combined generations of men from every country, of every social status, creating different methods and cultivations. Enopoly has always followed the most appropriate techniques to renew itself in tradition.