Proudly Friulan


Vini La Delizia

Delizia Vini was born in the thirties by 70 passionate Friulian winemakers. The cellar produces Friulian wines, Pinot grigio, red and white wine, Prosecco, cabernet, natural sparkling wines, doc wines, refoules, chardonnay, grappa, merlot, rosé wine, muscat and sauvignon, all available in elegant gift wrap. The production area is located in a large plain in the centre of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, in the northeast of Italy, where new and old vineyards have found the ideal conditions that man’s hand and passion have been able to best produce. Friulian winemakers Delizia is a story made of vision, passion, commitment and tradition. The Cooperative was founded on May 7, 1931 by the first 70 founding members, who decided to join the forces to create a large co-operative, signing the constitutive act of then Cantina Sociale Cooperativa Destra Tagliamento.

La Delizia works with over 500 wine growers and their 2000 hectares of vineyards extending across the renowned Friuli Grave and Prosecco appellations. These historic vineyards and winemaking areas produce wines with a strong regional identities and characters that are enjoyed around the world.

Aside from producing highly enjoyable wines, in collaboration with leading research institutes and centres La Delizia cultivates over 100 hectares of vineyards planted with indigenous grape varieties of Friuli, aiming to build upon and improve the region’s rich wine heritage.