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Fazi Battaglia

Founded in the late 1940s and acquired soon after by the Angelini family of Ancona, Fazi-Battaglia is universally credited with recasting Verdicchio, once an obscure country wine, into the graceful, contemporary style we are familiar with today.

Soon after their acquisition, the Angelinis invested their faith and resources in the construction of a brand new facility dedicated to making a sophisticated, still white wine. Up to this point, Verdicchio had been vinified in a spritzy, faintly sparkling style. In the process, Fazi-Battaglia effectively transformed Verdicchio into one of Italy’s best-selling, internationally most popular white wines.

In a further stroke of marketing ingenuity, Fazi-Battaglia launched its new-style Verdicchio in a distinctive and instantly recognisable amphora-style bottle. Designed by Milanese architect, Antonio Maiocchi, its shapely contours have also played their part in creating lasting recognition for the brand.