Vietti – Perbacco Nebbiolo

Piemonte / Piedmont


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After being picked into small, 2.5 kg trays, the grapes are cleaned and placed on drying mats for 4 months in dry, well-ventilated rooms. In January they are finally crushed, then very slowly fermented on the skins; the wine goes into 300-litre French barrels and Slavonian oak barrels for maturation, followed by a year’s ageing in bottle before release. A wine of superb richness and majestic flavours. The exceptional balance of all its components makes it ideal for lengthy cellaring

Wine Region

Piemonte / Piedmont


Langhe DOC

Wine Estate


Wine Cultivar


Food Pairing

Cheese – Hard Matured (24+month Parmigiano and similar), Pork Roast, Red Meat Stew / Poitjie / Braised meats, Truffle seasoned dishes, Risotto, Pasta, Pies and Eggs, Umami Flavours, Vegetable Risotto, Wild Mushroom Risotto (Porcini)


750 ml

Wine Style

Elegant, Medium-bodied, Structured, Velvety

Suggested for

Classic Wines, Friendly Evening, Gift Idea