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Livio Felluga

Livio Felluga identifies with the best winemaking tradition in Friuli and nowadays, also beyond this chosen land, privileged for its people and its wines. A consolidated customary love of wine has been part of the family for six generations.Since Livio Felluga consecrated his affection for these hills by renovating the first vineyards in Rosazzo, his wines – with their unmistakeably distinctive style and aromas – have been the wines of the Geographical Map: an ancient map of Friuli’s hillsides, a symbol of the profound connection between the land and its history, which has appeared on the wine labels since 1956.Livio Felluga’s pioneering vision of the focal importance of knowledge, respect for the territory and obsession with quality, has been handed down through the estate, today firmly in the hands of his children. 228 hectares, (159 under vine) form a complex ecosystem with the Alps in the background and a view that reaches as far as the sea. 14 grape varieties are planted in vineyards alternating with woodlands, grassy hillsides, olive groves, paths, streams, culverts, mulberry and fruit trees. 320 individual plots extend across over 550 kilometres of rows of vines, where ancient knowledge is handed down with passion, and new knowledge evolves.

The Geographical Map proudly represents the great white wines of Friuli in over 80 countries, immortalising the dream of that great man, Livio Felluga.