Bidoli – Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso del Grave, Friuli

Friuli-Venezia Giulia


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The Bidoli wines originate from the area called “Friuli Grave”, near the Tagliamento river between the provinces of Pordenone and Udine, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The bouquet is expansive and spicy, with notes of dried flowers, plums and blackberries. The fruit aromas are velvety, with balsamic nuances. On the palate, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso is structured and fresh, characterised by vigorous tannins which are tamed by ageing. The flavour is smooth and intense, with hints of liquorice and eucalyptus and a peppery finish.

Wine Region

Friuli-Venezia Giulia


Grave DOC

Wine Estate


Wine Cultivar

Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso



Food Pairing

Bobotie – Spicy Cape Malay, Cheese – Hard Matured (24+month Parmigiano and similar), Cold Meats Charcuterie (Prosciutto / Salame / Mild Chorizo), Red Meat Stew / Poitjie / Braised meats


750 ml

Wine Style

Dry, Medium-bodied, Spicy

Suggested for

Classic Wines, Everyday