Zenato – Amarone



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Iconic wine from the Valpolicella area in Veneto. After being picked into small, 2.5 kg trays, the grapes are cleaned and placed on drying mats for 4 months in dry, well-ventilated rooms. In January they are finally crushed, then very slowly fermented on the skins; the wine goes into 300-litre French barrels and Slavonian oak barrels for maturation, followed by a year’s ageing in bottle before release. A wine of superb richness and majestic flavours. The exceptional balance of all its components makes it ideal for lengthy cellaring

Wine Region


Wine Estate


Wine Cultivar

Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella



Food Pairing

Bobotie – Spicy Cape Malay, Cheese – Hard Matured (24+month Parmigiano and similar), Dark Chocolate, Game Meat, Lamb Stew / Poitjie


750 ml

Wine Style

Full-bodied, Rich, Structured

Suggested for

Cellaring / Collecting, Classic Wines, Friendly Evening, Gift Idea